The exploration continues with "Giants of the Lagoon.”

"I Giganti della Laguna"

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on 01.07.24

Developed in the framework of WaterLANDS (GA 101036484), Giants of the Lagoon is a participatory experience that invites the exploration of the lagoon environment in a movement towards the observed subject: from the observation of the landscape, through the use of binoculars, to the search of even the smallest elements that can be found in the soil thanks to a magnifying glass.

Observations in Sant'Erasmo. Photo Eleonora Sovrani.

A suggestion to emphasize the value of each individual element in relation to all the others in a holistic view, inviting a continuous reversal of perspective, useful to know and take care of what is around us.

The pilot project was conceived in 2023 by We are here Venice ETS with the Wageningen University and the Natural History Museum Giancarlo Ligabue, and involved 6 secondary school classes from the greater Venice area, while this year edition, developed by WahV, has been broader and involved 13 secondary school classes.

Tracing the perimeter of the area to be observed. Photo Eleonora Sovrani.

This second edition started at the beginning of the school year with a training course for the teachers by the Environmental experts Lorenzo Bonometto, Alessandro Sartori and Giovanni Timossi.  Throughout the year the students met twice the naturalistic experts at school and they were guided on two field trips, once by their teachers and once by the naturalistic guides and the WahV team. All classes explored Sant’Erasmo and the Northern Lagoon during the second field trip and they observed with a guide three different environments on the island. Every student also received a field sheet and a logbook where to take annotations during the excursions.

Final event at Palazzo alle Zattere. Photo Eleonora Sovrani.

The final event was open to the public and took place at Palazzo alle Zattere on the 24th of May. On that occasion students presented their research inspired by the program and the project’s milestones to visitors. The event ended with a general presentation of the project with speeches from representatives of the participating schools, while throughout the afternoon, a serigraphy workshop was available, where participants could print lagoon-themed illustrations on fabric or paper items brought from home.

View of the exhibition. Photo Eleonora Sovrani.

The exhibition at Palazzo alle Zattere, showcased original materials created and collected throughout the educational project, including drawings, photographs, soil chromatographic analyses, maps, and illustrations, and was open until the 7th of June with free access.

With the aim of safeguarding Venice and its lagoon as a living, environmental, social and cultural system, young generations are the most precious resources for the future and raising awareness among them is a priority. Giants of the Lagoon third edition will start with the beginning of the next school year in September 2024.