Vital featured in 2023 scientific conferences

Scientific conferences of 2023

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on 29.12.23

This was the year that the Vital initiative reached an important milestone in terms of “proof of concept” by beginning to be featured at scientific conferences - firstly in Bonn (Germany) at the 5th European Conference on Biodiversity and Climate Change in Riverine and Coastal Wetlands (Bioclim2023) and most recently at the American Geophysical Union (AGU 2023) Congress in San Francisco (USA).

The Bonn event was jointly hosted by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation and the European Network of Heads of Nature Conservation Agencies, in cooperation with the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research / German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research.

Jane da Mosto represented Vital with a poster detailing the information base that is being developed to better identify and characterise salt marsh restoration potential on the scale of the whole Venetian Lagoon.

Vital poster at the BioClim 2023 conference held in Bonn on September 2023.
Vital poster at the BioClim 2023 conference held in Bonn on September 2023.

Themes addressed by the conference included how does climate change affect biodiversity in European wetlands? How can riverine floodplains and coastal wetlands help us mitigate climate change and adapt to climate change impacts? How do we succeed in restoring these vital ecosystems in practice, and which policy frameworks do we need?

A policy recommendations paper has now been published based on discussions during the three-day event. 

“Restoring Riverine and Coastal Wetlands in Europe – Scaling Up Action for Biodiversity and Climate” summarises insights, knowledge, expertise, and experiences to improve environmental protection and restoration – especially as regards the  barriers that we are currently facing in the sustainable management of wetland ecosystems and concrete steps as well as solutions to tackle these challenges. Political changes in wetland management are urgently called for to complement the concrete implementation of restoration measurement, better transdisciplinary cooperation between stakeholders, and improved communication of scientific research. 

In San Francisco, partner Prof. Pietro Teatini (Università di Padova) represented Vital to present the monitoring and modelling activities that began two years ago and are still in progress at pilot site Sorelle B, a 6.1-ha sediment infill under construction in the central basin of the Venice Lagoon (more info on article of 13.07.22)

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Scientists, educators, policymakers, journalists and communicators attend AGU23 to better understand our planet and environment, opening pathways to discovery, opening greater awareness to address climate change, opening greater collaborations to lead to solutions and opening the fields and professions of science to a whole new age of justice, equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging. It is a results-oriented gathering rooted in celebrating and advancing positive individual and collective outcomes.